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Strategic Plan 2018-2021

05 Jun 2018

Dear fellow members,

Well, we are nearly half-way through 2018 and you’re probably wondering where the year has gone. It has been a very busy first five months event-wise for AOCR members, with great numbers turning out for National Sprint Titles, Sydney Harbour Challenge and, most recently, National Marathon Titles and Aussie Aito. Numbers have been great at these events with marathons attracting more competitors than last year.

These are the most visible ways of seeing how your association works for you, but there is much still going on behind the scenes that isn’t apparent until it’s ready for launch. One such initiative is our Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2021.

Strategic planning is important to our association because it provides us all with a sense of how our sport needs to change and grow to meet the needs of our members, outlines measurable goals and provides us with a road map for getting there. It helps us by guiding day-to-day decisions, evaluating progress and changing approaches when necessary to keep moving our sport forward.

Late last year we consulted with all zone committees for input on building a draft plan that they believed would unite the zones and clubs behind a common vision and goal.

AOCRA has used this feedback and set the vision for our sport considering our desire to be competitive, inclusive and grow our great sport to attract new members, our new Vision is “To inspire more Australians to discover a fitter, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle through participation in outrigger canoeing”.

We have also set a challenging goal that will require our sport (paddlers, clubs, zones and the national committee) to work together to achieve our ambitious target, our goal is “to grow the membership of the association to more than 4000 active members by making the sport more accessible to our diverse communities and by delivering a high quality, high value membership experience.”

There are six key areas of work which we will focus on to ensure we will achieve our vision and goals including:

  • *     Leadership
  • *     Participation
  • *     High Performance
  • *     Development
  • *     Competition
  • *     Commercial

But most importantly I believe this plan demonstrates how we have listened to zones and paddlers by identifying actions that we the national committee will be leading to deliver on our sports vision. Some of the actions I believe will resonate with zones, clubs and paddlers include:

  • *     Provide new online tools and technology for AOCRA registration and event nomination.
  • *     Review membership and competition rules and guidelines to enhance recruitment and retention.
  • *     Have a structured national race calendar set 2 years in advance.
  • *     Create a formalised high-performance program that:
    • *     Establishes criteria for talent identification and selection; and
    • *     Develops high performance goals and outcomes.
  • *     Develop sponsor attraction plan aimed to focus on those organisations with a natural fit to outrigging.

But this is not all we plan to do. I have attached here for your review a copy of AOCRA’s “Plan-on-a-Page which provides a complete list of actions related to our new strategy. When you consider what makes a winning crew you will all be familiar with the concept of all team members working together for a common purpose, working in unison and with each team member doing their part to the best of their ability. Our association is no different; we all need to work together to build a strong, vibrant and sustainable future for our sport.

When you review the Plan-on-a-Page you’ll see why we have chosen this particular graphical representation of our sport. A more detailed action plan, showing how we are going to achieve the objectives of this plan, is available for viewing here.

Over the coming weeks we will be discussing the plan with each of the zone committees to discuss action plans and timelines, which we will communicate to you all in due course.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

                           -  Henry Ford


Kind regards … Grant

Grant Withrington

President, AOCRA