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2018 AGM Notification #3 - Nominations for AGM

31 Aug 2018





“Mantra Twin Towns”

Cnr. Griffith Street and Wharf Street


6th/ 7th October 2018


Each Zone may be represented by three (3) delegates (preferably President /Secretary and one other) who are eligible to vote at the meeting.

Election will be for the positions of Vice President/Secretary for 24 months and all General Director Positions for 12 months, in accordance with the AOCRA Constitution

Proxy votes MAY NOT be used for the election of Vice President, Secretary, or General Director Positions.

AOCRA will ask you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and Consent to be a Director form if voted onto the board.

Nomination forms for positions on the National Committee of AOCRA must be received by email to

Secretary AOCRA, on or before 5pm – Monday 17th September 2018 


Before nominating for a position on the on the Management Committee of the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association Ltd you may want to read and consider the following information which will help you.

1.      You must have sufficient time available to carry out the tasks you will be required to undertake for the position for which you are applying    . 

2.      You will be required to know or have a sound knowledge of all the AOCRA policies, rules and regulations

3.      You must be prepared at all times to uphold and enforce where necessary, the Rules, Regulations and Policies of the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association Ltd.

4.      You will be assigned a particular area of responsibility for which you will be required to supply written reports on a given date.


5.      You will be required to attend all committee meetings (mostly by tele -conference.) on a regular basis or at the request of the Secretary.


6.      You will be required to respond to questionnaires from the Secretary on certain matters, from time to time and usually by email.


7.      You will be asked to make hard decisions as a member of the board.  You must make those decision in fairness and without bias or prejudice and, if you have connections with a Zone or Club matters before the board you must not allow these matters to interfere with judgment on national business.


8.      If you have any interest, which could be a conflict of interest, e.g. Interest in canoe manufacturing, publishing or other pecuniary or advisory interest in any commercial venture that may conflict with AOCRA business affairs, you must declare that interest.


There is  more information that you may want to consider or be required to have some knowledge.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary of AOCRA Ltd. 

Cindy Rich


Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association Ltd