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Gallagher Insurance Program for AOCRA Members - sanctioned training

04 Sep 2018

Review the below, clarification from AJGallagher regarding the Insurance Program and sanctioned training sessions:

We have recently had a few queries coming through around what is a sanctioned training session and also the direct supervision aspect for the AOCRA insurance program to respond in the event of injuries. Certainly is a good conversation to be going around and glad questions are being asked.
Essentially the insurance program will cover all AOCRA members while they are participating in sanctioned AOCRA events and training sessions. Sanctioned AOCRA events is fairly self-explanatory, with a little grey area around what a sanctioned training session is. A sanctioned training session is a club run training session which has been designed and coordinated by an accredited AOCRA coach. We understand coaches cannot make all sessions, and this is fine, though the participants are required to follow the program set out by the coach.
With the above in mind, there is certainly an expected due diligence by all AOCRA members to make calculated and common sense decisions (in the event a coach is not at training) when it comes to ensuring the sport remains as safe as possible. For example, if a club coach gives the program in the morning and by the afternoon the wind and swell has heavily increased, members need to make calculated decisions and if it is unsafe to go out, then that call needs to be made.
In terms of AOCRA members going paddling outside of training sessions or events, then the cover does become void. It is important for all AOCRA members be aware that this isn’t a 24/7 cover and that they are educated on this at every chance. With this in mind, coaches are to be very careful when giving consent for a member to go out ‘solo’ or outside of training. If they give the go ahead and that person is to get badly injured, then it is likely to bounce back onto the coach/club/AOCRA for giving the person consent to go out which resulted in injury.

- Jason Wilson AJGallagher

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Cindy Rich
AOCRA Secretary