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Townsville OCC

30 Sep 2017 to 30 Sep 2017
Grand Prix Round 6 & Extra Sprints Added 38km Slingshot Maggie Relay/Iron Cancelled

Nominations for the Townsville OCC Regatta Series Round 6 and the Magnetic Island 38km Relay/Iron are now open.

Download the Program here. Addtitonal Sprints Added - Download the Updated Program Here. 

To our 161 NQ Zone Novice members (you have been a member of AOCRA for less than 12 months),

There are THREE races just for you!

·         Novice Open Men OC1 and Novice Women OC1

·         Novice OC2

o    Teams can be all men, all women or one of each

·         Novice OC6

o    Teams can be all men, all women or Mixed (3 or each)

o    A Non-Novice Steerer is allowed if necessary

·         Novice races are important in maximising the overall points tally for your club

o    OC6 crews earn (1st) 14 points, (2nd) 12 points, (3rd) 10 points down to 2 points for 10th place

o    OC2 & OC1 paddlers earn (1st) 9 points, (2nd) 7 points, (3rd) 5 points down to 1 point for 6th place

o    Talk to your club coaches about training up on the OC1’s and OC2’s – it’s a great opportunity to not only help your club out, but also a gentle introduction to racing on the smaller craft


Magnetic Island 38km Relay/Iron is an Aggregate Age Category Race. - Cancelled Due to Lack of Nominations

  •  Categories are 360+, 300+, 240+ and 120+

·      You all nominate as Open Crews, however

·       When submitting your Team Nomination

o    Provide the names of your Iron or Relay paddlers

o    Include their Dates of Birth (in the notes section)

o    Plus indicate which Category you will be racing in (360+, 300+, 240+, 120+)

o    Any changes to crews, the Race Secretary needs to be notified immediately – in particular if it changes your category allocation.

 For the benefit of smaller clubs there is an opportunity to paddle in Combined Crews if necessary (nominate as a separate event on the AOCRA website).

 However, CLUB CREWS will be earning POINTS FOR THEIR CLUB and Combined Crews will be eligible for medals but will not accrue points.

If you have any questions, contact Race Admin/Nomination enquiries Linda Norrie on 0418 730 664 or email: toccsecretary@gmail.com