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Grand Prix Results and Points 2021

The 2021 season is done and dusted. Unfortunately, we cannot formally close with the Gala Night again this year due to this small pandemic thing happening, but I would like to take this time to congratulate every single paddler in this zone.  Even though COVID has rocked our lives like never before you guys have still continued to support this great sport of ours and for that I am very thankful.  Let’s hope that 2022 becomes a little easier!

Ok, now to the reason I am writing this…I have been collating the Grand Prix regatta points for the season and I am sure you are all a little anxious to hear the outcome of said points…so without further ado let’s get to it.


Champion Women’s Club for 2021 goes to HEKILI

This division was close, only 65 points behind Hekili were Mission Beach and 65 points behind them were Coral Sea.  Mission Beach had the lead of this division right up until the last regatta where Hekili swooped in and scored a whopping 200 points to take the lead!!

Champion Men’s Club 2021 goes to MISSION BEACH

Rocky OCC started strong in this division but Mission dominated from the 2nd event to finish.  460 points behind Mission were Club Outrigger Whitsunday and 69 points behind them were Hekili.  Yeah, as I said Mission kind of dominated this one 😉.

Champion Mixed Club 2021 goes to CORAL SEA

This division kept me on my toes…first Cap Coast were leading then Hekili, then Mission and then at the last regatta Coral Sea take the win, Hekili finish second with only 7 points separating them from the lead and Mission Beach closely following behind them for third.  Talk about close!!

Ok now these next 4 awards, well there is something to be said about what they are putting in the water in Mission Beach I think…

Champion OC1/2 Senior Club 2021 goes to MISSION BEACH

Champion Junior OC6 Club 2021 goes to MISSION BEACH

Champion Junior OC1/OC2 Club 2021 goes to MISSION BEACH

Champion Per Capita Club 2021 goes to MISSION BEACH

See, what did I say…bloody hell…greedy much 😊.  Well done Mission Beach, you guys should truly be proud! 

Coral Sea and Hekili took out second and third in the Senior OC1/2 division with only 303 points splitting first to third. 

The Dam were big players in the juniors taking second spot in both divisions. Outrigger Whitsunday took out third spot in the Junior OC1/2 division and Cap Coast took out third in the Junior OC6 division. 

Coral Sea also took out second in the Per Capita division with Coconuts following closely behind for third.

Last but not least…

The Champion OC6 Club for 2021 goes to HEKILI

Hekili won this division with a strong presence at The Dam regatta and Mission Beach regatta.  Coral Sea came in second and Townsville came in third.  Coral Sea were leading the way for most of the year but Hekili swooped in at the final hour and stole first place with a 257 point lead.  Talk about close.  I reckon this will light a fire in Coral Sea so watch out next year Hekili!!!

Well that is a wrap.  Big Congratulations to everyone who competed and those clubs that took out the 2021 awards.  I can’t wait for the 2022 season to kick off at The Dam on the 12th March.

You can find the full results posted below.


See you all next year, have a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of starts to the New Year!!