Event Details

SQZ 2021 - Big Splash Summer Stunner Hosted by Bribie OCC

09 Oct 2021 to 09 Oct 2021
Bribie Island Mahalo are excited to provide our paddling peeps some distance, a dash and duo's.
It is with absolute pleasure Bribie Island Mahalo invite you all to their stunning part of the planet for some fun in the sun.  Something here for everyone:

10km OC6/OC1/V1
2KM OC1/OC2/V1
1KM Minnows OC6

 Ongoing "New Norm" COVID measures: 

  • Stay home if you're unwell
  • QR Code in 
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wipe down canoes between races
  • Maintain Hand Hygiene
Cost for the entire day (as many events as you're eligible for) 
  • Seniors $40
  • Junior $20
  • Minnows $10  

 Aggregate racing applies to all Senior OC6 races (See Below)

Download the program here

  ** ALL Seniors - Aggregate Ages apply 

  In this race the senior divisions will be < 240, >240, >300,  >360 and >420 (where the symbol < means less  than and > means greater than>.  The numbers reflect the total age of paddlers in a  crew. Examples; <240 means that the aggregate  age of all crew members should be less than  240 (equivalent to an open crew) and >300  means aggregate age must be greater than 300  (equivalent to a senior master’s crew). 
Club Registrars
Register all paddlers as OC1
Use Spreadsheet to register paddlers, teams and aggregate (Thank you!)