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01 Mar 2019

Please find attached a one-page explanation that steps a club through a proven process (including related documentation) that led to a successful match for one of our clubs with two local sponsors recently. For example, in less than a few weeks of starting the sponsorship relationship, the initial offer / commercial benefit, has tripled in favour of the club.

The toolkit is not fully prescriptive, but it can be applied in easy steps. It is best suited to a club that has very little to no experience in attracting compatible sponsors and maintaining that relationship beyond the 'honeymoon' stage.

This toolkit has been designed to guide and assist club(s) specifically in the sport of canoe outrigging. As a toolkit suggests, it is how it is applied and utilised. And although it has been shaved back to just the fundamental components that led to a successful outcome in pilot, success has different meanings. And when it comes to this toolkit, is not to be seen as a guarantee.


Sponsorship Toolkit

Policy Template

Presentation Example

Storyboard for General Video

General Promo Video

BIMOCC Wendy & Brody interviews

Proposal Template

BIMOCC's Busy Fingers sponsorship application

BIMOCC's RSL sponsorship application