Outrigger Canoe Coaches are an integral part of the club structure 

Below are instructions which outline in detail the steps required to become an outrigger canoe coach.

We strongly encourage clubs to help their members achieve Qualified Coaching status, to ensure the viability of our clubs.


1. Attend the Level One Outrigger Specific Coaching Course

WAZA Coaching Course APPLICATION FORM here


- Minimum 18 years of age

- Minimum 3 years outrigger paddling experience

- Successfully complete the following online modules;  

1. Beginning Coaching General Principles Certificate

2. Play by the Rules - Child Protection

3. Play by the Rules - Harassment & Discrimination

- An applicant must hold financial status with the National Body of AOCRA and within their own club to be eligible to apply to attend the level one coaching course. Your application form is to be signed by your club President or Secretary

It is also expected that participants have a fairly good knowledge of all aspects of outrigger canoe safety and outrigger paddling and be able to apply simple outrigger paddling skills on flat water


2. Obtain a Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (HLTAID001) Certificate


3. Obtain a Working with Children card


4. After the course; complete a Coaching Diary (12 weeks or 24 sessions) Use the format suggested/provided at the coaching course to ensure all the necessary elements are in your plans/diary.


5. After the course; have your Mentor Coach observe you for two sessions and be signed off as Competent. Details on selecting your Mentor Coach and getting signed off are provided at the Level One Outrigger Specific Coaching Course.


6. Within 6 months of completing the Level One Outrigger Specific Course submit to your Zone Coaching Co-ordinator all necessary paperwork and payment.

You need to submit:

- the application form (Application for Registration as an Australian Canoeing Coach); in section 4 of the form include your Zones’ Coaching Co-ordinators details

- the credit card details payment form to Australian Canoeing ($46.50) ( ),

- a copy of your Coaching Diary

- a copy of the paperwork completed by your Mentor Coach

- a copy of your current First Aid Certificate

- a copy of your current CPR Certificate

- a copy of your Beginning Coaching General Principles certificate

- a copy of your ‘Play by the Rules’ certificates


It is strongly advised that you keep a copy of all parts of your application.

Once you have submitted all of the necessary items, to your Zone Co-ordinator, your application will be assessed as acceptable or not.

When the application is accepted it will be forwarded onto Australian Canoeing to issue the certificate. (It may take 4-8 weeks for Australian Canoeing to issue the certificate).


You are required to keep the following qualifications current to be considered a current coach;


Australian Canoeing Certificate (4 year expiry)

First Aid (3 year expiry)

CPR (12 month expiry)

WA Working with children’s (3 year expiry)


AOCRA membership and Affiliated Club membership (12 month expiry)


Handy resource and more information is available; Coaching General Principles


For further information on coaching issues, or to discuss future coaching courses in your area, contact your zone coaching co-ordinator:

WA Zone: Laurie Haynes 

0499 795 137