Hosting an Event

WAZA Event Planning
10-12 weeks out
·       Form a Race Committee (look further down and start planning to fill roles of Regatta Officials)
·       Choose and book a suitable venue
·       Complete the Race Package template and Risk Management template

·       Submit the Aquatic Event application, with the above templates.

·       Submit any other applicable permits – council/shire, fundraising etc

·       Submit the Race Package and Risk Management templates to WAZA

·       If this is your first regatta for the financial year then contact for your club’s Certificate of Currency (Insurance cover), this is to be submitted to WAZA

6 weeks out

·       Forward approved event permit from DOT (and any applicable local authorities/councils) to WAZA

·       Secure safety craft and personal as per the Support Boat Calculator at


·       Nominate Volunteers to positions as per AOCRA Regatta & Training Rules D.6. REGATTA OFFICIALS:

a)    Protest Committee

b)    Course and Facilities Inspector

c)    Paddler and Canoe Inspector 

d)    Course Judges

e)    Turn Judges

f)      Finish Line Judges

g)    Time Keepers

h)    Race Registrar

i)      Race Secretary

j)      Announcer


·       WAZA will load your event to AOCRA, send race package to members and open registrations to paddlers

·       Organise catering, fundraising, entertainment, presentations, promotional material

·       Check all equipment and canoes are in suitable condition

·       Confirm course and alternate course

Final week

·       Brief safety boat drivers and support crew;

·       Write race briefing/s; please include an opening like this

o   I’d like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today. I would also like to pay my respects to Elders past and present.

o   I’d also like to recognise the culture, history and traditions of Outrigger Canoeing and the great seafaring navigators and paddlers from which the sport is derived.

·       And finally, I’d like to offer a blessing to the canoes that we will paddle today and for the paddlers and support crews, that all will remain safe on the water.

·       Print Registration/Timing/scrutineering sheets

Day prior

·       Check weather from BOM and input into briefing

After your event

Send the results spread sheet to WAZA


Host Club: 
Event Name:

Regatta Date: 


·       1) Team Nomination Forms – sign in sheets

·       2) Indemnity & Release Forms – if applicable

·       3) Electronic copy of all Results

·       4) F115 Protest Forms – if applicable

·       5) F118 Injury Reports – if applicable

·       6) Regatta Evaluation as below

Overall Safety Evaluation:     


General Improvements:


·       Things that could be done by the Club next time:     



·       Things that could be done by the Zone next time: