Canoe Requirements;

D.7.6.1 Additional Requirements – OC6 / V12 Canoes
a) A minimum of 2 buckets or similar pieces of equipment to be used to bail out a canoe. WAZA insert – these bailers should be attached to your canoe – recommend using bungy code or something flexible that allows the bailer to be used without having to untie it.
b) A minimum of 1 spare paddle – attached but must be able to be released in water if required
c) A towrope (of 25 metres minimum length by 12 mm diameter, SILVER ROPE or equivalent (Floats in water. 20% stretch. Medium/soft lay. UV Stabilized), tied to the forward wa’a  (spreader), secured outside the covers and available for immediate use) for all events other than sprint events. In states where the Maritime regulations require a tow rope be affixed to the canoe at all times (whether training or racing), this becomes the minimum AOCRA standard.
d) Storm covers are permitted at any time – this is at the discretion of the race director. You always bring your storm covers to an event.
e) In prevailing conditions, storm covers are to be fitted at the direction of the Race Director. If a decision is made that storm covers are to be fitted before racing all teams must fit covers or will not be permitted to compete.
D.7.6.2. Additional Requirements – OC1 / OC2 Canoes & SUP
a) In all events other than Sprint Events, a leg rope/leash is a mandatory safety feature and must be attached to OC1/OC2 canoes. It is recommended that paddlers use them to ensure their own personal safety especially when offshore and/ or in conditions where the paddler/s may become separated from their canoe.
D.7.7.Additional Safety Information – Canoes & Competitors
a) No canoe is permitted on any course unless authorized by the Race Director.
b) The Captain of each team is responsible for the rigging of the canoe and inspecting the same for seaworthiness before each event.
D.7.6. Safety Equipment on Canoes
a) All canoes (whether training or racing) must carry Nationally approved PFD’S types 1, 2, or 3, one (1 ) per paddler. They must be easily accessible. In States where the Maritime regulations require the wearing of the PFD, this becomes the minimum AOCRA standard.
Lifejacket requirements from Dept. Of Transport
Please review the brochure from the department
And read the section titled "WHEN TO WEAR A LIFEJACKET", also attached.
Flare requirements from Dept. of Transport WA
See attched. Full safety brochure is available here

The flare requirement can be waived if the event organiser has applied for and been granted an exception. This should be sent to WAZA with the approved application to hold an aquatic event.
Refer to DOT for more information
If you have questions, Wayne (Choppa) Hughes is your Zone Safety Officer