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2014 Trans Tasman Series & Gubbi Gubbi championships

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2013 Australian Junior Outrigger Titles

Thursday, 26 September 2013


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2013 Trans Tasman Series & Gubbi Gubbi Championships


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Day 2 OC 6 Straight Sprints
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Day 2 OC 6 Sprints with Turns
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Day 3 OC 2 Mixed
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Day 3 OC 2 Same Gender
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New Juniors Age Category

AOCRA has introduced a new age category for future protected waters sprint events. The category will be called Minnows and will align Australia with our close neighbours NZ Waka Ama who have the Midgets category aged 6-10. Last year at NZ's national sprints 400 Midgets took to the water and Waka Ama have kindly helped us draft these race rules drawing upon their years of experience in this age category.