Some of the following websites are of interest for clubs wanting information on how to obtain a grant:

Australian Sports Foundation

Living in Harmony - Funding

Queenslands Sport and Recreation

NSW Sport and Recreation


Gambling funds are also a good source for obtaining grants see these websites below:

QLD Community Benefit Fund - to all QLD Clubs Limit $35K - four rounds per year

Breakwater Casino Benefit Fund - QLD from Rocky to Townsville limit $5K, assessed 6 monthly

Reef Casino Community Benefit Fund - QLD from Townsville to Cairns limit $5K, assessed 6 monthly

Australian Sporting Commission to find all to your State funding options


Woolworths Grant for $5,000 is available to all sporting clubs that help kids lead an active life the application form is availabe at your local Woolworths store.

Below are what are required by you to obtain a grant:

1. Decide what you want to apply for

2. Send a letter to your local MPs for support

3. Get quotes for the things you are wanting to purchase the applications take 3 months to get processed so makes sure the quote is valid for this time frame

4. Get the support from your Zone, let them know what you are applying for to get their support

5. Fill out the application form, you need original signatures

6. Attach everything they ask for - if you don't they may not look at it

7. Good luck


Not experienced in applying for Grants? Need some help to make sure you have submitted the best application? 

Contact Gina Foster from Grants4U.