AOCRA Constitution  Updated 2014

AO Rules Changes Summary


AO Rules   

AO HP Selection Policy 

AO HP IVF World Sprints 2024 Selection Policy 

AOCRA How to become a L1 Coach

 Integrity Policies 

Honours Award Policy

AOCRA - Child Safeguarding  Nov 2022

AOCRA Rewards and Recognition Framework

AOCRA - Complaints Disputes & Discipline Policy Oct 2022

2021 AOCRA Organisational Chart

AOCRA - Conduct & Disciplinary Policy   Oct 2022

EOI for National Roles 

AOCRA - Improper Use of Drugs & Medicine   Oct 2022

Application for Affiliation - Reaffiliation   

AOCRA - National Intergrity Framework   Oct 2022

Affiliation Check List

AOCRA - Personal Grievances Policy   Oct 2022

DD-Customer Service Agreement for Clubs 

AOCRA - Child Safeguarding Policy SA Addendum     Nov 2022

 Regatta Hosting Documents

AOCRA - Competiion Manipulation & Sports Wagering   Oct 2022

 EOI - Host a National Title Event

 AOCRA - Member Protection Policy    Oct 2022

 AOCRA  Club Startup Checklist


Junior Parent Permission Form

 2015 Trailer Report completed by Grant Olds

Safety & Risk Management

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National Travel Assistance Rules 

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AOCRA Brochure 2014-15

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