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COVID-19 Update

16 May 2020


Dear Members,

Last week I promised to provide you an update regarding the roadmap for the relaxation of restrictions imposed on our sport.

AOCRA has been provided with the following Guidelines from Paddle Australia which distils all the information provided by authorities and give’s practical general advice as to how your Club can comply with its responsibilities as sport resumes over the coming months.

A staged approach will be taken when it comes to returning to all sporting activities, taking into account factors such as the local presence of COVID-19; and various risk mitigation strategies. Any resumption of paddling activities must be within the context of social distancing and the overarching aim of minimising the risk of the transmissions of COVID-19.

Clubs are requested to take a common-sense approach in applying these Guidelines – Appendix A;…/upl…/2020/05/Update-6-Appendix-A.pdf

Clubs are requested to follow the governments 3-Step Plan- Appendix B…/upl…/2020/05/Update-6-Appendix-B.pdf

The red line symbolising the position at the date this guidance is provided.

In addition to the above advice, all Clubs are asked to keep themselves continually updated regarding their own State Government announcements, guidelines and requirements.

If a Club sees that something may be permissible according to a strict reading of the Guidelines yet recognises that undertaking the activity cannot practically happen without breaching the intentions of social distancing of 1.5m, it should not proceed with that activity.

Similarly, exceptions to social distancing should also be considered. For example, while paddling in a two-man canoe may not be allowed, social distancing is not required for members of the same family who are already in contact.

The Guidelines at Appendix A require Clubs to undertake a Risk Management and Mitigation Process prior to re-commencing Club Operations. AOCRA is working to create a simplified version and Clubs will be required to complete all sections of the Clubs Checklist before recommencing full operations.

A gentle reminder also the AOCRA insurance policy does not cover COVID-19.

Our priority remains the health of our paddling community and minimising the risk. We will continue to liaise with the relevant authorities to keep you updated on next steps.

Keep healthy and stay safe.

Yours in paddling,

Katherine Cole
President, AOCRA