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AO HP & Qualifying for Worlds Samoa 2023

20 Oct 2022

 We invite all members to consider qualifying for IVF Worlds Long Distance competition to be held in Samoa 2023.  There are two power point presentations to read with information on how to qualify and represent Australia at the highest level of international competition under the International Vaa Federation.  The key points to note:


  • The information discusses in detail the requirements and criteria for qualifying to represent Australia
  • Qualifying for V1 will occur at the 2023 National V1 Championships to be held on the 4 February 2023 in Brisbane, QLD
  • Qualifying for OC6 / V6 competition on the 24 February and or at the Sydney Harbour Challenge on the 25 February 2023 in Sydney, NSW
  • Many of the frequently asked questions are discussed in the presentations
  • The Event Program for the 2023  AO National V1 Championships will be released early November, follow our AOCRA Facebook page for more information
  • We will continue to update you all via email and AOCRA Facebook when there is more information to share
  • Please contact Michael Seay or Janine Nikora with your queries on the National High Performance Campaign for IVF Worlds Samoa 2023


We are finalising a National High Performance Team of Coaches and Managers to facilitate and assist with this campaign and will provide more information on this in the coming weeks.  This is a great opportunity to participate in all regattas regionally and zone based high performance clinics to kick start your journey to qualifying for IVF Worlds LD in Samoa 2023. 


More exciting news is that we are offering a double header weekend of racing in Sydney on the Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February:


  • Saturday 25 February 2023 is the Sydney Harbour Challenge 22KMS
  • Sunday 26 February is a 20 KMS and 11 KMS will be Race 1 of the 2023 AO Ocean Downwinder Series for OC1/2, V1 and SKIs which is the Kurnell Run Downwinder


Regardless of whether you are qualifying and or wanting to race the new 2023 Sydney Harbour Challenge course, these events are open to all AOCRA members and  International paddlers.  Non AOCRA Ocean Skis are welcome to enter the Kurnell Run Downwinder on the Sunday 26 February 2023.  The event programs for the 2023 Sydney Harbour Challenge and the Kurnell Race Downwinder will be released under a separate emails to everyone along with updates on our AOCRA Facebook page.


We are very excited to offer a full range of competition in the beginning of 2023, get it happening with your club and team mates and make 2023 bigger and better.


Yours in paddling



Janine Nikora on behalf of the

AO Board and AO Events Team